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Community HealthCare Outreach July 24, 2014 @ Max Stoker Recreation Center

Community Healthcare Outreach (CHO) is making a big  splash into summer with a new combined program by partnering with the Walker County School Nutrition Program. Come out and learn summer safety tips, sun safety, and a car heat up demonstration, and free lunches for children under the age of 18 will be available from 12pm-1pm, sponsored by Walker County Schools. Health screenings will also be available on outreach days.

The health fair is open to all those who want to attend from 11 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at Max Stoker Recreation Center, located at 700 Glenn Street, LaFayette, GA 30728. There will be no charge and free t-shirts will be given  to all those who take part. The outreach plan is to be ongoing with the providers being set up to provide services once a month for the following dates June 26, July 24, August 28th.

This is a program for the West Lafayette and Walker county area. Under the leadership and vision of Dr David Boyle and several other key committee members our  hope is  to accomplish  making the public more health conscious.  “We want people to be more aware of the importance of personal or family related health issues because so many people don’t like visiting the doctor.” For those that lack transportation, access to services will be available.

The community healthcare outreach purpose is to educate members of the community on health services available to them in a comfortable, yet neutral surrounding that is beneficial for all those who want to be informed and are in need of services. There will be professionals present to answer health questions and give suggestions or direct people to the right specialist. We want to encourage the public to come by that Thursday. The doors of Max Stoker  will be open and vendors will be ready and welcoming. For more information please feel free to contact Sandy Matheson, Primary Healthcare Centers @ 423-402-6694 or Sandra Israel at 256-630-7673.


Source: City of LaFayette