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Home Invasion In Catoosa County

Authorities in Catoosa County are on the hunt for two men Wednesday afternoon who they say robbed a homeowner at gunpoint on Tuesday.

Tuesday morning between 10 & 11 a.m. at a home on Grant Drive in Ringgold, a homeowner told police she heard the doorbell ring, and saw one of the suspects on her front porch, holding a package. The woman opened the door and signed for the package. The man set the package down, and then raised up holding a pistol. A second suspect then appeared, also holding a gun.

The two men then tied up the woman and her husband and then ransacked the home. 

The two victims weren't seriously hurt.

Sheriff Gary Sisk says the suspects match a description in a burglary that happened back on Monday at a home on May Street in Rossville around noon.

Witnesses said the men were in a dark gray or charcoal-colored 4-door vehicle driving slowly down the street. The driver of the vehicle was wearing sunglasses with light colored or white frames. 

The suspects are described as follows: The first black male appeared to be 5’8”, having a slender build and dark complexion.  He was wearing a black ball cap, dark shirt and light weight jacket. His hair was very short or shaved and he did not have any facial hair.  The second black male appeared to be 6’2”, having a slim build with light brown complexion. 

 If you know anything about these two men, please call the Catoosa County Sheriff's Department right away.

Source: WTVC Channel 9