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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Proper Home Maintenance: Preventing Losses

Properly maintaining your home is an important responsibility and will save you money through the years. Homeowners insurance does not cover you for "everyday mishaps" that you could have prevented. Find out ways to...

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Be a Responsible Dog Owner

Dogs may be man's best friend, but as an owner you are liable if your pet bites or attacks another person or animal. A well-trained dog is the best way of protecting yourself, and those around you. Spokespersons: Chuch...

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Protect Your Home Against Mold

Mold comes in thousands of varieties and can thrive in a damp home. Learn the basics of protecting yourself from this microscopic home invader. Contact Southern Insurance Associates at 706-996-8788 or Info [at]...

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Georgia Hurricane Insurance: Fact File

JULY 2014 - Four of the ten most costly hurricanes to hit the United States caused insured property damage in Georgia: Hurricane Katrina in 2005; Hurricane Ivan in 2004, Hurricane Hugo in 1989, and Hurricane Frances in...

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Commuting by Bike: How to Get to the Office on Two Wheels

There are plenty of great reasons to bike to work: Commuters who ride save money on gas and car insurance, stay fit and help the environment (they don’t get stuck in traffic, either). And they even have fun — as long as...

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Protecting Your Roof from Hail

Hail can be as large as five inches in diameter and rain down on your roof at speeds around 90 mph. Learn how to protect your home from these ice bullets. Spokespersons: Scott Morrison, Haag Engineering; Harvey Ryland,...

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Swimming Pool Safety

Swimming pools are fun, but also potentially dangerous to young children. Learn ways to keep your loved ones safe. Spokespersons: Nadina Riggsby, Parent; Madelyn Flannigan, Independent Insurance Agents of America. ...

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