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Infographic: Benefits of buying insurance with an independent agent

Buying insurance on your own can be like climbing a mountain without an experienced mountaineer to help you get to the top.

  • If your car is hit by someone with minimal or even zero car insurance, do you want your auto policy to cover the gaps?
  • If a high-value item gets damaged or stolen from your home, do you want to be compensated for it?
  • Do you want to make sure your family doesn’t struggle financially if something happens to you?
  • Would it help you if a professional took stock of the risks that your business is exposed to?

Alone, it quickly becomes an uphill battle to find the best insurance options that fit what you actually need.

Do you want to shop smarter and make sure you’re getting the right coverage to protect what matters most? Do you also want to take ownership of your insurance buying decision? Then it’s time to get the expert guidance and individualized support that only comes from working with an independent insurance agent. He or she can help you figure out what coverages you really need or don’t, choose the best policy from a variety of carriers, tailor it to your needs and update your coverage if your insurance needs change.

You don’t have to go at this alone — let your independent agent be your guide and help you find the best insurance for you. Take a look at this infographic to discover the benefits of working with an independent insurance agent.


Buying insurance with an independent agent


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