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Halloween is Unpredictable

On average, twice as many children are killed while walking on Halloween. Today is the day to share the dangers of the road — and its drivers — excess UM/UIM, a smart option that can be added quickly and easily.  


Jeff, a parent volunteer at his son's school, was driving a group of eight kids in his minivan to trick or treat in a neighborhood with safe sidewalks and bright streetlights.

John, a fellow volunteer parent, decided to ride along and lend a hand as a trusted adult.

Also on the road was Richard, a local small business owner, who had prescription drugs in his system. He regularly drove while using his medication, against the advice of his physician and pharmacist.

Right after Jeff parked the minivan and the group was exiting the vehicle, Richard lost control on a turn and crashed into them. He proceeded to drive through a barrier, fleeing the scene and was later arrested at home.

Tragically, a 10-year-old child was killed. Jeff and two other children were seriously hurt with multiple injuries that required extended hospital stays and a wide range of long-term therapies, both physical and psychological.

Richard was only carrying state minimums thinking that was enough, but coverage for medical bills of this magnitude was exhausted quickly.

Because Jeff had a personal umbrella policy with $1MM excess UM/UIM, it covered the gap left by the underlying policies to take care of his medical bill copays, co insurance and deductibles and those of his passengers. 

Claim: $1MM

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