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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Vacation Tips: 5 Things To Do Before Leaving Town

Before leaving for your home, there are some tips for protecting your home and belongings from theft or burglary while you are away. Burglars sometimes take advantage of empty homes to steal valuable property. In March...

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8 Home Security Tips You Never Thought Of

Your home is your sanctuary. It is a place where fond memories are made and relaxing evenings are spent after a busy day. Your home is a safe haven where you and your family most feel at ease. If your home is under-...

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Someone Fell off My Horse. Can They Sue Me?

Whether you own one horse or ten, chances are you've been asked by a friend or visitor to let them ride. While this seems like a friendly gesture, you may be opening yourself up to a potential lawsuit. Horses are...

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The Pentagon Has a Zombie Apocalypse Plan. Here’s One for You.

Did you ever stop and think what might happen if the Zombie Apocalypse actually occurred? How would you protect your family? What would be left, if anything, when it was all over? The Pentagon has a plan in place,...

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One Popular Childhood Prank Burns a Home to the Ground

If you've got teens in your life, it could happen to you. You wake up early in the morning and shuffle out to the porch, only to find your yard, trees, hedges, and rooftop covered in snowy white toilet paper. Add a good,...

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Is That Covered by Home Insurance? 5 Surprising Facts

Home insurance policies are designed to protect your personal property and provide reimbursement in the event of damage or loss. Yet, when a claim is filed, many people are surprised to find certain items are excluded...

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What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

Broadly speaking, insurance covers you for potential loss resulting from risks such as burglary or theft, severe storms, fire and also your personal liability. The specific risks you may face as a home owner could...

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