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by AJaye Brown on Sep 04, 2015

Earthquakes are unpredictable, but given the geologic settings in the Southeast, the United States Geological Survey estimates strong magnitude earthquakes are a possibility. Many homeowner policies do not cover earthquake damage, but even small earthquakes can cause cracks in the foundation, structural damage, or knock fixtures from the walls.

Recent Statistics:

Alabama      4/29/2003     4.9 magnitude        Dekalb County, AL
                   3/12/2015      3.1 magnitude      Eutaw, AL 

Georgia       12/07/2015     3.2 magnitude       Sandersville,GA
                   3/5/2015         2.3 magnitude      Hiawassee, GA

South         12/16/2008      3.6 magnitude       Summerville, SC
Carolina     2/15/2014        4.1 magnitude        Aiken, SC

Earthquake Facts:

  • Southeastern U.S. averages 60 earthquakes per year
  • Earthquake 5.0 or higher can cause structural damage
  • Shock waves of a large magnitude earthquake in the Southeast would affect a larger area and cause greater damage than a similar quake on the West Coast. 
  • 4 major earthquake seismic zones across the southeast 



If your homeowners doesn’t offer Earthquake coverage, standalone coverage options are available. Contact Southern Insurance Associates for more information or 706-996-8788.

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