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Customer Testimonials

“I want to thank AJaye Brown and the amazing ladies at Southern Insurance Associates for all the amazing ways they made finding insurance for our Automotive Repair shop and home a breeze. They are friendly and very efficient! They take my business personally and that’s very hard to come by. Thanks ladies!”

“My dealing with the agent have been professional and I have no complaints about the service provided.”

“You have always put forth the extra effort to help us. Thanks.”

“You are fast with responses to any questions and easy to get in touch with!”

“Quick responses and found better deals for insurance.”

“You guys have always gone above and beyond with not only the type of Insurance but also with your customer service, I love the fact that if I don’t understand something about something you and your people take time to walk me through it without making me feel insecure. I am really glad I have found you guys and I give out your cards whenever I can. Thanks.”

“AJaye has always taken good care of us when it comes to our insurance needs. If we ever have an issue or a claim I just call her up and she handles everything for us. Best agency in town!”

SIA was able to get me the coverage I needed.”

“I especially appreciate the fact that you came to our home, looked at our situation and spent a long time with us discussing our situation and our needs. It was a big help to deal with you personally and not just over the internet or the phone. I appreciate also your interest and concern when the prices went up and the fact that you made personal contact to express your concern about that.”

“I really appreciate all you do for me! It’s so nice to find someone that works as hard for your customer as you do!!! I have found that is a thing of the past. People do not understand how important customer service is for repeat business, and it is the best form of advertisement! You truly are a breath of fresh air to me! I just wanted to say thanks for everything you do for me! Really appreciate you taking care of my customers, as your own.”

“Great customer service and prices.”

“Always quick to respond to requests and/or questions with helpful information.”

“AJaye Brown is absolutely the best. She worked with me on getting better quotes for my car and renter’s insurance. She was very helpful and made me feel as if I was getting the best options for my policy.”

“Friendly service and always happy to speak with you.”

“Service local and low rates are always a huge plus with me concerning anything of this nature.”

“AJaye really took the time to search the insurance options, and review the coverages with me.”

“You offer all the advantages of new technology that makes my hectic life easier for sign up and payment processing, while providing old-time customer service to try to understand and satisfy my unique needs.”

“Agent was helpful in explaining insurance policies and addressed all our concerns. Agent was prompt in quoting insurance rates. Insurance rates were very competitive. We felt the office was warm and courteous.”

“Working with SIA has been a pleasure. You have taken my needs and worked hard at finding the best solution that fits my budget.”

“The price was better than anyone else, and you all are just nice people to talk to.”

“AJaye and all the staff are very helpful and really care that you are not paying too much for coverage. I would highly recommend southern insurance.”

“Great job with Customer Service. Always on top of things. Thanks”

“Policy price was lower and the coverage was the better, plus the added
bonus of an awesome agent.”

“They have taken care of me when I didn’t even know I needed it. That goes a long way in my book. Great company.”

“Always has time to explain everything to make sure you understand and just good ole southern hospitality.”

“Excellent Service and Follow up. Thoroughness in providing the right coverage for my company as well as my personal properties.”

“The agent was very personable and not only understood my needs but offered better choices that I wasn’t aware of. Also, I was very happy with SIA prices, I did compare prior. The staff seems like new friends.”

“Helped me with my insurance needs from a long distance.”

“Fast responses. Always there to answer any questions I had. Great customer service.”

“Great customer service & in depth research on best pricing w/ providers. Also, you have a well-mannered dog in the office which is a must :)”

“Very friendly staff and didn’t give me the run around about the service I was requesting.”

“Ajaye, your business, like mine is very much personality driven. You take care of things timely and keep us from having to hassle with it. You have great customer service and relate-ability.”

“Sharon is focused on her client’s concerns and goes the extra mile to shop for the best rate. She’s excellent at communicating the specifics of each insurance situation and most importantly responds promptly to all my inquires. Thanks Sharon!”

“AJaye and her team are awesome!”

“Attentive, prompt response, competent handling of issues and follow through , a superior partner an experience.”

“Good Communication and fast responses!”

“Super customer service! Easy payment system!”

“I appreciate your prompt response time and courteous attention.”

“Very friendly and knowledgeable.”