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At Southern Insurance Associates we are passionate about helping people from all walks of life find truly affordable and effective health insurance solutions. Although we aren’t able to change health insurance legislation and regulations, what we are able to do is work diligently on your behalf to stay on top of the industry climate; so ultimately you can have clarity on the best options within the current landscape for your unique needs and circumstances.

Health Insurance Products

Leveraging expertise on the health insurance climate and partnerships with a multitude of carriers, below are some of the types of coverages we offer advisement on and access to.

Primary Health Insurance Coverages

Benefits members by making payments directly to their medical providers for qualified services, that otherwise member would solely be responsible for. These plans work on a system made up of some combination of deductibles, co-pays, and co-insurance to determine how medical expenses are split between the member and insurance carrier. Many existing clients previously assumed this coverage type wasn’t affordable for their circumstances, only to discover the options they were aware of were just limited. We specialize in providing plans through numerous carriers and a truly comprehensive offering of plan types, to ensure lack of awareness is never a barrier for clients in finding their best options.

Supplemental Health Coverages

Supplemental health coverages can help provide a more holistic health insurance strategy by covering some of the expenses your primary plan won’t. Many clients get significantly better coverage within their budget, by pairing a lower premium primary plan with a strong supplemental plan that’s custom built to protect against medical expenses they are most vulnerable to. Even if you have stellar primary health insurance or no primary health insurance at all, supplemental coverages can still be of great value. Beyond just medical bills, how prepared are you for replacing lost income, paying rent, or buying food if out of work due to your health?  Supplemental coverages pay cash benefits directly to you for qualified medical events, giving you the option to use your benefits to pay for urgent everyday living expenses if needed.

We offer industry leading options that provide an added layer of protection for any of the following areas clients might have specific concerns about: accident, cancer, critical care, general physician care, hospitalization and prescription medications.

Dental & Vision Coverages

Offering advisement and quoted options based on your circumstances and providers of choice, to help determine which of our industry best options work best for you.

Medicare Coverages & Supplements - Coming early fall 2019

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