Six things to do when a frozen pipe bursts

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by AJaye Brown on Jan 14, 2016

If low temperatures cause water to freeze inside pipes, pressure can build up and cause weak points inside the pipe to burst. Unfortunately, water may then pour into your home and cause damage.

How to handle a pipe that bursts

  • First, find your home’s main water supply and shut it off.
  • Next, turn off your main electrical supply to reduce the risk of electrical shock and damage to circuits and electrical appliances.
  • If the water comes from a hot water pipe, shut the main valve to your hot water heater as well.
  • Call a plumber for help as soon as possible.
  • Your safety is most important. Please do not attempt potentially dangerous repairs. Be aware of submerged electrical outlets, appliances or chemicals that may be inside standing water.

Report your claim

Report a homeowner claim once you’ve safely secured your home from more damage.


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